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Dan Perl Advisory]
Who we are

Put simply, we’re an oustourcing consultancy.


We work with organizations to help them outsourcing clearly, honestly, unambiguously and free from bull. We work across branding, strategy, financial and business plans.



Your organization and us

There’s an awful lot of tosh talked about outsourcing. But you know you already have an oranisation, whether you’ve designed and built it or not.

We're here to help you plan, create and control the outsourcing, in its core principles, the services it provides as well as the inputs and outputs it needs. That means understanding you, your organization and how it interacts with your customers and prospects.

We work in the same way your organization does, through its conception, growth and the way it’s expressed.




If you’re building a new organization from scratch, we can help you develop its fundamentals so they’re clear, honest and persuasive.


The core of your organisation - the processes of your business, what it stands for and what it believes - is reflected in your business & financial plan. That’s why it’s so important to get an outsourcing alternative right at conception.


Organizations don’t stand still; they change and grow. The key is to make sure you’re in charge of how they do it. We can help you plan, manage and control your growth by proactively looking at outsourcing solutions.


Your product range will change. The market will alter around you. You’ll launch sub-brands or organizations. You may acquire other businesses. All will have an effect on your organization. Again, it’s vital to stay on top of how your organization needs to change once it’s started working for you in the market.


Your organization needs to run like a thread through everything you do. That’s not just marketing material, it’s things like public perception that matter.


These are your organization’s public faces, the bits the consumer sees. Your organization’s communication need to inform, educate and enlighten on outsourcing. We can produce these and keep them in-line with your organization.



What we believe

Bullshit doesn’t work

No Bull logo

It doesn’t matter whether it’s management-speak or just plain old-fashioned lying - we’re allergic. We’re not on any great moral crusade, it’s simply that we believe that the truth is more powerful and sells better than bull.

It’s like a party, where some guy walks up to you and says “Hi, my name’s Steve and I’m incredibly clever.” What do you think? That he really is incredibly clever, or that he’s a complete idiot?

People hate being led by the nose - whether they’re talking to a person or interacting with an organization. We give you information and let you reach your own conclusions.

Thinking Vs Execution


We reckon there’s always a choice.


Invest your budget in the thinking, or the execution. Our view is that it’s always better (and cheaper) to out-think your competitors, rather than out-spend them.


There’s no point in spending fortunes on making a poor idea look good. We start by developing a good idea (based in fact and hard information) in the first place. And then you’ll need to spend a lot less on the execution. Simple really.


The 90/10 rule

What can we do for you?

This is where we’re supposed to stick up a list of services, blather on a bit about “not above or below but through the line”, "boutique", "ideas-led innovation", "full of energy", etc etc.


It’s simpler than that. We help you outsource clearly, honestly, unambiguously and powerfully. That’s it.

Give us a problem and we’ll come back with ideas that will help solve it.

Email: hello@danperladvisory.com

Representative office: Antwerp, Belgium: Desguinlei 220; Warsaw, Poland ul. Rozbrat 32/15

Dan Perl Advisory is registered in Bulgaria; DP Advisory Ltd., Mladost Block 233 /5/4 1000 Sofia

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